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No Component Material Operating Feature
1 BODY Polyethylene PE 2406 (80 Grade), PE 3408 (100 Grade)
2 END Polyethylene PE 2406 (80 Grade), PE 3408 (100 Grade)
3 BALL Polypropylene Excellent Strength & Thermal Resistance
4 RETAINER Polypropylene Positive Seal under any condition, Retains
Seat under High Differential Pressure
5 BALL SEAT Nitrile Reliable Sealing from -29 กษ to 60 กษ
6 STEM Acetal Excellent Durability & Strength
7 SETM SEAL Nitrile Redundant Sealing with Dual O - rings
8 WEATHER SEAL Nitrile Protects from Ground Water and Dirt
9 OPERATOR Polypropylene 2 inch (50mm) Square or Hexagon
10 PURGE CONNECTOR Polyethylene Integral Easy Purge Connection
- Meets or exceeds EN 1555-4, ASME B16.40/DVGW/CSA/Transco T/SP/V/7 Part2
- ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing facility
- Serialized for complete material and process traceability
- Unrestricted flow and maximum capacity for optimal performance
- Service rated to maximum allowable pressure
- Precision manufacturing processes ensure lower operating torque
- Bubble-tight seal throughout entire pressure and temperature range
- Valve body design provides resistance to mechanical and thermal loads making it the strongest part of PE
   piping system
- Easy installation and operation (1/4 turn)
- Full port Opening (1/2 inch through 12 inch / 20mm through 400mm)
- Reliable Construction (All plastic design)